Leasing for Printing Equipment

Printing equipment leasing for you and your customers
TimePayment provides the financial solutions to help you sell more of your specialty imaging product. Regardless of which technology you sell be it screen printing, embroidery, digital printing, sublimation or pad printing, we have the printing equipment leasing options for you and your customers.   

Our offering includes our multi level credit model which allows us to provide lower payments to your customers with better credit, while still offering an option to start up businesses. We do this all quickly providing a credit decisions within 4 hours. 

For products that require customer customization we offer a Progress Payment Product in which you can receive 50% of the order upfront when the customer signs the lease agreement and the balance once the verbal confirmation of equipment delivery is complete.

To learn more about TimePayment and our monthly payment options call us at 1-877-868-3800.

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