Leasing for Office Equipment

The better way to sell your office equipment
TimePayment understands that in this environment approving a wider range of your customers is critical and that new businesses need office equipment leasing too. We help you serve this market, in addition to your corporate customers. The best part is that each of your customers can get the lease they need with the payment they deserve, the better the credit the lower the payment. 

TimePayment offers leasing options for your new copiers, fax machines, and other office equipment up to $25,000.   We also offer financing for refurbished and used equipment. As a direct leasing company, for your transactions under $10,000 that include principal information we can offer you decisions online within minutes, and up to $25,000 within four hours.

A new feature of our program is our ability to lease used copiers.  To lease a used or reconditioned copier we require a service contract for the term of the lease, and we offer terms up to 36 months.

We are a proud member of the Business Technology Association (BTA) and exhibit at ITEX.

To learn more about TimePayment and our monthly payment options call us at 1-877-868-3800.

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